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building loan calculator The Construction Calculator & Mortgage Calculator by DTW | Real estate financing

The construction or purchase of a house wants to be well planned. With the construction calculator from DTW | Real estate financing allows you to plan your financial resources and use them to optimize your mortgage lending. You will find on the page of the DTW | Real Estate Financing all major building finance calculators for mortgage lending. The following construction calculators are available: comparison calculator, amortization calculator, budget calculator, household calculator, notary & land register calculator, rent or buy calculator, comparison calculator and prepayment penalty calculator.

Comparison calculator:

If you already have one or more bids for construction financing from other providers, select the comparison calculator from DTW | Real estate financing. This construction calculator will charge you the amount you save when you finance your mortgage through DTW | Finishing real estate financing. He presents the offer of the competitor, with that of DTW | Real estate financing opposite. As a result you receive the saved amount.


Repayment calculator:

For repaying your mortgage, it is important to know what your monthly financial burden will be. With the amortization calculator from DTW | Real Estate Financing, you can calculate the monthly installment (annuity) and receive the remaining debt after expiration of the selected interest rate commitment.

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Budget calculator:

What financial resources are available to you to finance a property during the month? You can easily answer this question with the household calculator from DTW | Answer real estate financing. The household calculator compares your monthly income with the monthly expenses. In this construction calculator you should also plan safety reserves. The resulting amount would be available to you for your mortgage lending.

Budget calculator:

How high the net loan amount, taking into account your personal income and expenditure situation may be, learn with the budget calculator of DTW | Real estate financing. For this, only three details are required, such as the desired monthly rate, the available equity and the selected debit interest rate.

Rent or buy calculator:

Currently living in rent but considering to purchase a property. Now, ask yourself if it would not be better to buy or build a house or apartment instead of continuing to live in rent. Provide in renting or buying calculator from DTW | Real estate financing Your current rent, the rental period and a possible participation and you receive the sum of the rental payments. Then compare the result with the purchase price of your property and see if a purchase or construction is worthwhile.

Notary & Land Registry:

When purchasing or building a new property, the notary and land register costs must not be disregarded in the financial planning. They represent additional costs and should be calculated in advance and included in the mortgage lending. With the Notary & Land Registry from DTW | Real estate financing, you can determine the costs incurred by the land registry and the notary.


Property owners who have completed mortgage lending many years ago may pay significantly higher interest rates than we have today. For many property owners, it may therefore be advantageous to reschedule. The rescheduling, however, is associated with costs in the form of prepayment penalty. With the prepayment penalty calculator from DTW | Real estate financing, you can quickly and easily calculate the resulting prepayment penalty.

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