IDR 500,000 in capital, investors can already get corporate bonds!

The dream of retail investors to invest in corporate bonds seems to be realized. Gamoya and PT Federal International Finance (Astrofinance), recently initiated the plan.

Both of them have agreed to cooperate in developing the first corporate bond marketplace in Indonesia for the retail segment.

Gamoya carlope Damer’s Co-Founder / CEO explained that this collaboration aims to expand public access to corporate bonds. So that it can grow their savings and provide investment diversification.

“So far, we know, people’s access to bonds is still very limited. In fact, the yield potential is very good. So that our society can become more prosperous.

This is also very strategic for the stability of the national economy and our capital market. So far it is very dependent on foreign investors and institutions, “said Karaniya.

Reflecting on the success of e-SBN

Reflecting on the success of e-SBN


Previously the e-SBN initiative was also said to have shown very encouraging results. At present, there are more than 17 thousand customers registered in Gamoya to purchase Retail Government Securities (SUN) and Retail Sukuk.

This achievement was achieved in one year since Gamoya was appointed by the Ministry of Finance as an online distribution partner . While the total public investment funds reached more than Rp 230 billion.

The high growth of public interest in online retail bonds is also reflected in the data from the Directorate General of Financing and Risk Management of the Ministry of Finance. Online bond sales have succeeded in boosting the number of retail investors in the sale of several series of Savings Bond Retail (SBR).

For SBR003, online sales can attract 7,642 individual investors. This number increased by 16.5 percent compared to the number of investors SBR002.

This growth trend continues in the SBR004 series with 21,672 individual investors, or nearly three times the previous series.

Interestingly, the majority of online SBR investors (50.6 percent) are under 40 years old. In fact, when SBR was sold only offline, 77.5 percent of investors were over 40 years old.

Retail Potential Large Potential

Retail Potential Large Potential


Jerry Fandy as Vice President of Corporate Finance and Treasury at Astrofinance said that Astrofinance’s entry into the retail market was because this segment was very potential. But he saw that he hadn’t touched much.

Collaboration with fintech companies such as Gamoya is believed to further expand education and access for retail investors. Especially to buy various bonds issued Astrofinance in the future, easily and quickly.

“Based on our experience in issuing bonds for retail investors, we see enormous potential. Education and easy access are two main keys.

Therefore we are working with Gamoya so that it can touch more retail investors in Indonesia, “Jerry said.

For this reason, his party will make various adjustments so that the company’s retail bonds can match the needs of investors in this segment. For one thing, there is considerable interest in lower denominations.

If implemented, this breakthrough will certainly become a new milestone in Indonesian capital market investment. In addition, of course, it will also make the Indonesian capital market stronger and not only controlled by large investors.

Gamoya himself revealed that if the minimum purchase of corporate bonds through their platform is estimated at IDR 500 thousand. This amount is considered quite affordable considering that the average minimum purchase of corporate bonds currently ranges from Rp. 1-5 billion.