Repayment calculator from DTW for your mortgage lending

Amortization calculator real estate financing.

The amortization calculator is a valuable guide when planning your mortgage lending

How long does it take to repay your construction loan? What is the possible residual debt of your mortgage? With the interest and amortization calculator from DTW | Real estate financing allows you to easily calculate the term and the residual debt of your real estate financing at a certain point in time.

What does the technical term “eradication” mean in the case of mortgage lending? The amortization is the scheduled repayment of a construction loan, in the form of regular installments. The monthly installment, also called annuity, consists of an amortization portion and an interest portion. With each payment, the remaining debt is reduced, so that within the annuity, the interest portion decreases and at the same time the repayment portion increases accordingly. In addition to regular amortization, many real estate financing providers have the option of making unscheduled repayments in the form of special repayments.


Reason for financing: Buying a property new follow-up financing Type of property: condominium detached house Two family house Apartment house Semi-detached house Offer without obligation
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The higher the initial mortgage repayment installment, the faster the mortgage loan is paid off. But beware! The repayment rate of your mortgage lending should be adapted to your financial possibilities. If the repayment rate is very low, the full repayment of your mortgage lasts very long. These can be up to 40 years. The total cost of the loan is correspondingly high, as interest has to be paid over a very long period of time. If you agree on a high repayment rate for your real estate financing, there is a risk that this considerably limits your financial possibilities. It is advisable to choose an initial repayment rate, which leaves you with financial flexibility, eg for unexpected expenses. If you have saved money over the months, you can use a special repayment to reduce the residual debt of your mortgage lending. For most of our financing partners, you can annually make optional special repayments of up to 5% of the original loan amount for free. Optional means that you can, but do not have to, make these special repayments.

With the amortization calculator from DTW | Real Estate Financing Create an interest and repayment plan for your mortgage lending in just a few steps. All you need for this is the object value, the borrowing rate, the desired loan amount, the debit interest in years, and the initial repayment. The repayment computer of DTW | Real estate financing immediately calculates the monthly installment and the residual debt of the construction loan. On request, the repayment plan can be saved directly as a PDF on the PC or printed. The repayment computer of DTW | Real estate financing offers you a valuable orientation when planning your mortgage lending.


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