The calculation of the enclosed space in the construction financing

For a successful financing application for mortgage lending or real estate financing and for a correct valuation of a property, certain documents for mortgage lending, eg the calculation of the enclosed space, are mandatory. The obsolete term “enclosed space” (UR) is often used interchangeably with the new term “gross volume” (BRI), even if the current type of calculation is meant. Due to the possible differences in calculation it is important to pay attention to whether in old planning documents the speech of “UR” or “BRI” is. In addition to mortgage lending, these terms are also used in profitability calculations, building permits and traffic appraisals.


In the case of real estate financing, enclosed space or gross volume refers to the volume of a building that is independent of design or material. The calculation basis is the responsibility of DIN 277 and consists of the information height x width x length . The amount of the determined value is decisive for the mortgage lending value of a property and is thus an important part of the documentation for mortgage lending. In the case of planned real estate financing or mortgage lending, the documents for calculating the enclosed space for a loan request must therefore be supplied to the mortgage lender or lender.

Reason for financing: Buying a property new follow-up financing Type of property: condominium detached house Two family house Apartment house Semi-detached house Offer without obligation
and request for free

Basics for calculating the enclosed space

When calculating the built space (1950) in mortgage lending, there are some things to consider:

  • Full storeys of a building shell are calculated from height x width x length
  • basement buildings are sized from the top of the basement floors
  • non-basement buildings are sized from the terrain surface
  • as soon as floor plans differ, separate calculations have to be made for multi-storey properties for each floor
  • plastered buildings are deducted 2 percent of the calculated value
  • constructed attic floors are calculated from external surfaces of the ceilings and walls “length × width × height ÷ 2”
  • uncovered attic floors are only calculated to one third “(length × width × height ÷ 2) ÷ 3”, the height is measured up to the top of the floors above the topmost storey
  • External stairs and ramps, dormer windows, roofs, chimney heads, installation and light wells, roof overhangs for areas that are not fully developed and foundations are not taken into consideration

Different to gross volume (2016):

  • Full floors are calculated from the sum of the gross base areas , including plaster and multiplied by the corresponding heights (finished dimensions as external dimensions)
  • basement buildings are dimensioned from the lower edge of the floor slab
  • not developed attic floors are calculated with the actual volume
  • Deep and shallow foundations, light shafts, external staircases and ramps, entrance roofs, roof overhangs for areas that are not completely developed, cantilevered sun protection systems, chimney heads and ventilation ducts and shafts are not taken into consideration

Attention in garden sheds in the calculation of the enclosed space

If the construction of a garden shed is planned, it should be noted that depending on the state, building permits may be required. Therefore, it should be ascertained in advance whether or not this case is a “process free of proceedings” . If the project turns out to be non-procedural, the calculation of the enclosed space in the construction financing is absolutely necessary. The regulations for each state can be found in the respective state building regulations.

Cost of the enclosed space

The cost of the enclosed space in the construction financing are variable depending on the object and region, as they are dependent on several factors. On average, however, can be expected with a cubic meter price between 230-250 euros without construction costs or 300-320 euros with construction costs. In a real estate sale, however, the calculation of the enclosed space is usually left out of consideration and only the square meter price of the living space specified.

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